Robot Coupe CMP 250 V V Compact Stick Blender

Variable Speed: 2300 – 9600 rpm

• Capacity up to 15 litres
• Self regulating speed system
• Patented removable foot & blade
• 1 stainless steel wall support

Weight:3.9 kg.

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Robot Coupe CMP 250 V V Compact Stick Blender

The Robot Coupe CMP 250 V V is smallest size in the Compact range of stick blenders and yet still offers high speed. The Compact range is specifically designed for restaurants and has four models to choose from. They are compact, easy to handle appliances designed for power, comfort, performance and hygiene. Robot coupe stick blenders are the only brand on the market which allow for the easy removal of the stainless steel blade and bell for cleaning and maintenance

The Robot Coupe CMP 250 V.V. Stick Blender has a powerful motor for fast processing and an optimum quality end-product. Overall, a robust stick blender which is efficient and easy to use with a variable operating speed of 2,300 to 9,600. With variable speed system allowing more flexible use- ideal for sophisticated preparations.

Ergonomic: Compact Lightweight appliance which is easy to handle

Hygiene: Removable stainless steel blade and bell for easy cleaning and maintenance

Multipurpose: The CMP models can be purchased as Combi models to add a whisk 

Performance: Optimum blending for fine textured end product in minimum time 

Robot Coupe CMP 250 V.V Specifications

Shape of the handle specifically designed to ensure a good grip and manipulation of the power mixer, thus reducing user fatigue.

Functions : intermittent, continuous and according the model, variable speed designed for a better user comfort and speed control flexibility according to the preparation.

Entirely dis-mountable foot and knife (Robot-Coupe exclusive patented system) for easy cleaning, perfect hygiene and easy maintenance. Robot-Coupe’s exclusive patented device has been developed as part of the HACCP procedure.

Overmoulded blade to ensure perfect hygiene. Sharpening designed to give optimum speed and perfect quality of cut.

Technical Specifications of Robot Coupe CMP 300 V V

Pan Capacity 15 L
Tube length 300 mm all stainless steel
Power 310 Watts
Speeds Variable Speed from 2300 to 9600 rpm