Fagor Passthrough Dishwasher Eco Concept+


Premium washer for high output

  • External Dimensions mm H 1540 W 665  D 775



Fagor Passthrough Dishwasher Eco Concept+

The new Fagor Passthrough Dishwasher Eco Concept+. Twin skin construction with twin rotating stainless steel wash arms (not plastic) for powerful efficient cleaning, counterbalanced hood for ease of opening and closing. Thermostop system ensure dishes and plates are cleaned at the optimum temperature. The double skinned construction with counterbalanced easy opening hood ensures heat and sound insulation. The unit can achieve up to  1170 plates an hour. This machine allows the power of the installation to be adapted therefore allowing for single phase or three phase supply. Call us for more info NI: 02871312878 ROI: 01 5312878

The amount of detergent and rinse aid added to your wash cycles can affect how well your dishes are cleaned and dried this model has a built-in detergent and rinse aid dispenser therefore ensuring perfect results with every cycle. A water softener is recommended, failure of a unit due to limescale build up will not be covered under warranty. We recommend that Fagor  Passthrough dishwashers be installed and commissioned by a qualified Servall engineer. Ask for a price for installation Call Our Service team for more info NI: 02871312878 ROI: 01 5312878

Fagor Passthrough Dishwasher Eco Concept+ Features and Benefits

  • Double rotating wash and rinse arms in stainless steel above and below
  • Counterbalanced hood
  • Rounded stainless steel tank for easy cleaning and draining
  • Break tank and drain pump
  • Thermostatic temperature control washing 60°C and rinsing 90°C
  • Thermo stop system
  • Rinse and detergent pump
  • 50, 75 and 120 Second wash cycle
  • Supplied with 1 base basket, 1 plate basket and 4 cutlery containers
  • Boiler Capacity 9 litres / 12kW element
  • Maximum item height 440mm
  • Tank capacity 34 litres / 4.5kW
  • Twin wash pumps
  • Consumption 2.4 litres per cycle
  • Total power 17.7W
  • Height with hood open 2050mm
  • WRAS approved No – 1609331

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply: 3 Phase 32 amp per ph, can be switched to 100amp single phase
  • kWh/24hr: 17.70
  • External Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Internal Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 135.0kg
  • External Dimensions mm H 1540 W 665  D 775
    • Height: 1750mm
    • Width: 870mm
    • Depth: 950mm
    • Weight: 150.0kg