UNOX ChefLux Series 5 Grid Gas Combi Oven

  • 5 Grid Combi Oven
  • Gas Combi Oven
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Gas Combi Oven XV 313 G

Unox Cheflux 5 Grid Gas Combi Oven is a robust comb oven  built in Italy offering all of the style and quality you would expect from an Italian made oven at an unbeatable price. The ChefLux™ analogical combi steamer ovens is designed to make the preparation of the most common traditional cooking processes as simple and easy as possible whilst guaranteeing excellent results. The Cheflux 5 Grid Gas Combi Oven will give effective cooking uniformity in any load of cooking; producing great food and providing your  chef with everything they need in an oven without any unnecessary extras.

CHEFLUX Manual – XV 313G 5 Grid Gas Combi Oven

5 x 1/1 GN

Available Gas

Also available in  Electric XV 393

Dimensions H 770 mm W 750 mm D 770 mm